The Entrepreneurial Hustle

I love the entrepreneurial mindset: the drive, the hustle, the hunger to expand ideas, to chase opportunities and make things happen. The entrepreneurial hustle is more than just for entrepreneurs, it can and should be applicable even if you’re working for a company. The platform in which you choose to operate doesn’t matter.

The entrepreneurial hustle is just that, a hustle; an intense and invigorated drive to get results, to build and expand, and to look at everything as an opportunity. Most critically it is an intense desire to spend every day chasing something extraordinary for yourself and your family, … and not settle. There is no ceiling on how much money you can make, or how much you can achieve or create, no matter what your situation is.

Business owners, freelancers and those who work strictly on commission tend to have more of this drive because they have more responsibility. There is a lot more at stake, and the results they bring in falls solely on them. But in reality, if you look at it, it’s like that for any employee as well. You are solely responsible for what you bring in every month to you and yours.

In order to step out of mediocre and live an extraordinary life, you need this entrepreneurial hustle. You need the drive to work hard, go all in and put everything on the line. No excuses. No safety net.

Great entrepreneurs take massive action and they do not think in terms of 9 to 5, or a normal routine workday. It’s because they take full responsibility and see success as a duty and obligation. If you approach success as an option, you will be less likely to achieve it. Great entrepreneurs build value, create wow experiences, and they constantly look at how they can give more value and solve people’s problems or make people happy.

If you raise your mindset and operate at this level, you will start to see the shift in your results and successes. No matter if you’re an employee, freelancer or business owner.

Go out there and crush it! Give it your all, and remember, hard work is always rewarded.

Now let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang