Remind, Review and Recommit

January is over and we are already into February. Man how time flies! I told you this blog was going to inspire and push you to move forward with excitement. I’ve kept it going week after week and I promise you, I’m just getting started. I hope you’ve found some value in my blog posts so far and I hope you’re prepared for more!

It’s checkup time. I wanted to do a post to help remind you and make sure that you’re on track, and know where you are going this year. Even if this is the first post you read, you’re here because you want progress. In our lives, our business or work, or whatever we’re passionate about … we all want success. We all have dreams, but very few actually make them come true. Too many of us will give up along the way. But not you!

To be able to push through all the pain and really stick it out until fruition, success you can measure, you have to believe that greatness is possible, and that it’s possible for you. There are plenty of great and inspirational people in this world. Consider the great entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, artists and creative geniuses. The list goes on and on. You can be part of this list!

If you’re not totally clear about where you should go next, or where you want to go, then it’s time for you to sit down and take a moment to reflect. Don’t waste any more time being confused. Have a date with your soul. Listen to your inner compass and figure out what you really want, and then do that! Read my post about goals here.

If you know your goals, and are clear about what you want to accomplish this year, then it’s time to recommit and review your progress so far this past month. What worked, and what didn’t? Were you able to focus throughout the whole month, or did you lose momentum? Write your goals down again and get super clear about your WHY and envision the end result in your mind’s eye. Taste the satisfaction of achieving your goals, and recommit to making it happen!

Nothing is impossible, but it can be a challenge. Trust in yourself, and believe that you can do it! Keep your goals and the end game consistently in your mind, and hold yourself accountable for what you’re doing in the day to day. Every journey to greatness is unique, but the same principles apply. You need to BELIEVE, you need to FOCUS, you need to SKILL UP and you need to take ACTION. Don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking on your door, go out there and make it happen!

Now let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang