Focus On The Big Things That Actually Matter

A common mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs make, and something I think we all need to work on and practice, is not putting enough focus on getting big things done. It’s so easy to keep yourself busy, and to do all these different smaller things, but are you ever really moving forward with this approach? Are you doing the things that actually matter? Or are you just spinning your wheels or making little progress?

One of the easiest ways to speed up your progress, in life and in business, is to make every minute count. That means don’t spend time on minor things. Know the difference between important and urgent. There are often bigger things you could be doing that are much more important in the grander scheme of things.

Here’s a useful tip. Do you really have to answer the phone each time it rings? Do you have to answer every email within an hour? Or, do you even have to answer every email at all? Other good examples include spending valuable time on less important things such as tweaking your business card, polishing your email signature, creating a brochure, or saying yes to a meeting when you could’ve built value and instead closed right there on the phone.

It takes a concerted focus and clear vision to be able to steer away from all the distractions. Really lock in on the big wins. At the core of this mindset is being honest with yourself. Are these things that you are doing right now moving you closer to your dreams? Or are you just keeping yourself busy and using these things as an excuse to not take action on the big wins, the things that actually matter… like picking up the phone and actually closing a sale?

This is one of the main reasons why many companies never go from startup to grown up. You have to make sure that you get some quick wins early when starting up, and some big wins as often as you can to build momentum and enthusiasm. Focus on selling and ROI, not everything else. You need cash flow!

If you get stuck focusing on small things and details, like purchasing domain names or researching needless facts, you will never get past just starting, and you will never build momentum. The more you ponder … the more you squander. Your enthusiasm level will go down, and you will eventually give up. All because of a lack of focus and not doing the things that actually matter.

This is a skill that must be developed. It’s a shift in mindset. You have to break the mediocre mindset of just going to work and getting the 8-hour workday clocked in. Instead, go to work to make your dreams a reality! Stop wasting valuable time.

Okay, so what are the things that actually matter?

You usually know what they are, but you may have been avoiding them. It is usually the things that are a little bit outside of your comfort zone. These are the things that give you anxiety just to think about them. But you know they will give you big wins if you take proper action on them.

Take, for example, calling a big potential client and asking them for their business. That’s tough. Another gutsy move would be maybe calling a current client and asking them for referrals. Or taking the time out of your busy schedule to hire, and perhaps train, a new team member who can make things a lot more effective going forward.

In my own entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned to focus my efforts on a few bigger projects, like 4-5-6 month projects or longer, instead of all of the small little projects that are often creating unnecessary stress and headaches because of their urgency. That way I’m able to give more value, build something truly phenomenal … and it’s just a lot more fun. I can chase one big deal instead of twenty different small ones for the same amount of time, energy and results!

It’s usually not a lack of passion or good ideas that cause people to fail. It’s often due to poor execution. Start getting a clear vision of what you want, get your priorities straight, keep the distractions to a minimum, and stay laser focused on the right things over time. You’ll start to see amazing results.

Lock in on your dreams! Lock in on the big wins!

Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Now let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang