How To Find The Confidence To Go For Your Dreams

Do you shake a little in your boots when thinking about your dreams? Do you wonder where you’ll find the confidence to take that first leap and go for what you want?

Confidence, or lack of it, seems to be a common strength that people are looking for. I get it, I really do, but let me give you my personal take on it.

If you want something, go get it, period! Confidence has nothing to do with it.

In some ways, confidence and self-esteem are overrated. You don’t need it when you first start. But what you do need is to take action anyway and not procrastinate.

The mind is strong and it can play these tricks with you, but don’t let it paralyze you. Don’t let it stop you from going after your dreams and what you really want.

Having a little fear and insecurity is just a good thing. It’s our mind’s way of signaling you, telling you that this is something you care about, something that’s important to you. In some ways it is a warning and that you’re about to step out of your comfort zone. It triggers your adrenaline and helps get you pumped up! And that’s a good thing.

Just deal with those feelings as a great indicator, a guide, or GPS if you will, showing you where to go. Superstars, top athletes and billionaires all had to push through fear to get where they are. My guess is that most of them were not so confident when they first started.

It is the same thing with you when you first learned to swim, ride a bicycle, or maybe when you had your first day at school or at your first job.

Confidence is something you build and grow over time, and it builds with experience and training. We don’t have it when we do something for the first time. But it is there, underneath, waiting to emerge. And it will!

When you get more used to a situation, or when you get better at it, your confidence level grows and it often evolves to the point where you can challenge yourself even more.

Look at insecurity and self-doubt as your ally, and get used to it. It’ll show up again and again if you constantly push yourself to grow. It is the difference between top performers and the rest. This ability to merely push through the insecurity and self-doubt and take action regardless.

So how do you find the confidence to go for your what you really want? Start with persistence, and a little drive. You’ll find it on the path to where you want to go, but first you’ll need to take action.

Face situations in spite of fear. And by attacking and defeating fear you’ll be victorious.

What you’re looking for is not confidence. It’s courage.

Let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang