Online Methods To Attract Clients On Autopilot

You can attract clients on autopilot, or better yet, make sales, without lifting a finger!

Perhaps you are new to internet marketing, or maybe you have just started a business. If you want to improve the way you receive clients, this post is for you! Who doesn’t want to attract new clients on autopilot?

With today’s online marketing techniques, you can do just that by having a product or a service available for purchase online. Then, by consistently driving traffic to this offer, and having systems in place, you can have this run automatically. Once it’s set up, the clients will come to YOU like MAGIC!

You’ll have an “automatic client machine” that will generate a consistent stream of leads and clients for you on a monthly basis.

How does it work? It’s called lead magnets and sales funnels, and if you’re a creative person, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to spend more time creating and less time contacting potential leads.

I’m all about giving value, I’ll go over the most common lead generators here and give you a basic understanding.

The great thing about advertising online

With traditional advertising, you would typically place an ad in a newspaper or a magazine and hope and pray for responses. There would be no way to really check and see the ROI per dollar spent.

But with advertising online, you can track and see everything, especially what works and what doesn’t. You can analyze what actions gave you the conversion, the cost per lead, and it’s a lot easier to calculate if your investment is working or not, and at what rate.

If your cost per conversion is low, and your profits are good, you can keep an advertisement campaign running for a long time. Likewise, if a costly attempt isn’t working, revise it or eliminate it. You can optimize it, you can tweak and improve the campaign, but for the most part you’ll be attracting clients on autopilot. Bottom line is – You’ll keep making money without having to do a lot of extra work. Sounds cool, right? It is cool!

Attract clients on autopilot

Here are three examples of common sales funnels:

Advertisement -> Sales page

This is called direct linking. You set up an advertisement banner on a platform like Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads etc. and aim it at your target audience.

You link this banner directly to a sales page where you have info about your offer, a “buy now” button or a contact form.

Advertisement -> Presell lander

Cold leads often have to be warmed up a little more than what an ad and a sales page can do. One way to do that is by using a presell lander.

Usually you would link your ad (Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads etc) to a web page with a review, an article or a video explaining and talking about the offer and the benefits without saying “buy, buy, buy”.

You’ll want to have links somewhere on this page directing the user to the sales page mentioned above.

Advertisement -> Opt in page

Another effective way to warm up your lead is by having an opt in page. You link your ad (Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing Ads etc) to a web page where the user gives you her/his email address in exchange for something free like an ebook, a video training series, an email course or a free webinar.

With this free offer you’ll be able to show a taste of what you can give in terms of value, and you’ll be able to warm up the lead. You will sell later on by having automatic email drips.

You’ll have to do the work of creating the free offer, but you only do that once. You can also have the webinar fully automated by using a pre-recorded webinar replay. Obviously, there are technical elements involved in these techniques and maybe you’ll need someone to assist you. Or you can do it yourself, it’s not too advanced.

There are other ways to drive traffic to your offer, like social media and SEO, but it won’t give you a reliable and a consistent stream of results that you can count on, as with advertising.

Although you can automate some of your social media, it won’t be as automated as advertising. Once you have a working formula that is profitable, all you have to do is scale it by putting more marketing budget into the funnel.

Put these methods into action. Do a little research on these methods and then create your own “automatic client machine”. Thoughts, ideas, questions – share ‘em in the comments!

P.S. Got a friend who’s starting a business or could need some new clients? Share this post – it could really change their whole game!

Now let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang

My Top 5 Methods for Finding Inspiration

If you are lucky enough, and your mind is always open, creative ideas will often come to you like a strike of lightning. But if they don’t, then having some go-to methods for finding inspiration in the world around you can be really helpful.

Whenever I feel uninspired or experience any form of writer’s block, I have to actively seek and chase inspiration and creative ideas. Here I’ve put together a handy little list of my top 5 methods that you can implement right now to boost your creativity:

Take in a good piece of art

Looking at a painting like a Picasso can help me spark a creative idea. A great painting can be full of contrast. It can have strong colors or rough shapes. It can be complex with a clear meaning, or simple with an indistinct and not-so-easy-to-grasp meaning.

By just looking at a beautiful art piece, I can often hear melodies, chord progressions, or come up with new and interesting design ideas. Usually they’re very out-of-the-box, and the better the work of art, the better the idea.

Just think about it, humans have created and stared at images drawn onto walls for thousands of years, longer than we’ve had the written word. It clearly has an effect on us.

Provide limitations

Less tools often means more creativity.

Not having a lot of resources at your disposal, and being limited to only a few tools, forces and challenges the brain to think of new and creative ways of working.

So instead of thinking: “I have to buy this” or get this new equipment that everyone is using, try “I can just be creative with what I have here and now”. Or “I can even remove some tools that I have and try to accomplish the task”.

By using this method, you’ll come up with magical and innovative ideas that you perhaps wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, and the ideas will be more unique. More you, and more real!

Daymond John, the entrepreneur and founder of Fubu, has a book called: “The Power Of Broke” which is kind of about this principle of dealing without.


Steal from the greats

Yes, it’s allowed to copy the greats, and you should!

Steve Jobs stated that when he and his team developed the Macintosh, he kept in mind a quote from Pablo Picasso: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

It comes down to exposing yourself to the best things ever created, and bringing those things into what you’re doing. Think about it – when we are learning the piano, we play compositions of other composers, not our own. When we play sports, we follow the game others invented, not our own creations. When we dress ourselves, we choose fashions created by others before we design our own. Copying builds expertise.

I’m not suggesting straight duplicating or being a lazy thief, but adding a twist, a great idea here and there, and turning it into something greater. This method can spark new and interesting ideas that you most likely wouldn’t have thought of from only using your own mind’s imagination.

We’ve seen it again and again where great masters have found inspiration in their predecessors, and taken what was good about them, and by doing this, they themselves became great.

Search out new surroundings

Stepping out of the normal way of doing things and into new surroundings can often inspire the brain to think of new thoughts.

Maybe you’ll see things you haven’t seen before which can lead the brain into new creative wanderings. Ever tried walking through your supermarket backwards to the way you normally do? You’ll see products you’ve never seen before. Try a different route home from work, or a TV channel you’ve never looked at.

You can journey to new places, maybe to other countries, cultures, or just spend time outdoors and immerse yourself in nature. New scents, people, sceneries and things that are uncommon to you can expand your vision. It can boost your inventiveness and get you thinking creatively.

New perspective

Taking a shower

Many great ideas happened in the shower.

The combination of having a relaxed state of mind, alpha waves rippling through the brain, and the water distracting you from other thoughts, is perfect for coming up with the best and most creative ideas. Pharrell Williams has even stated in an interview that one of his favorite places to work is in the shower!

Our subconscious mind is often working hard throughout the day to develop an idea, or solve a problem, to work on a project, but we’re not able to hear these insights or voices when our analytical brain is operating at full speed.

It’s not until we relax, get in the shower and remove ourselves from email and social media that we’re able to hear these voices in the back of our head.

Similar to the shower are: exercising, driving home and cooking  …if you’re good at that.

Now, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Which of these 5 methods will you take into practice or use more often? Do you have other methods you want to share?

Now let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang

The Online Marketing Jungle And Where To Put Your Focus

It’s a jungle out there, right? Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, SEO, email, social media, retargeting and the list goes on and on. Where do you even start and where should you put your time, money and focus?

There’s no one set answer to this question, and it is no wonder why so many people get confused. I was in a meeting the other day, and a guy told me companies are trying to sell him on different types of online marketing tactics all the time.

Facebook advertising, search engine optimization, retargeting campaigns, email marketing, and they’re all saying the same thing: their field of expertise is super important to succeed in today’s online world.

But whom do you listen to? Where do you start? If you run a company, any type of business, you probably already know that a presence online is where it’s at today. My best advice to you is to start being interested in the online world and where it’s going.

You can outsource it all you want, but ultimately, you’re the captain of the ship and you should know where to sail. Believe me, the business world is not reversing back to print any time soon.

Know your vision and your business goals first

It all comes down to having a clear vision and knowing who your ideal customer is. Who are you targeting? What’s their demographic? What’s their location? And from there figuring out where they hang out and spend the most time online. If you don’t know these things, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money!

The more you know about your ideal customer, the easier it is to reach them with your message. Do they own a PC or a Mac? Are they using Google as a search engine? Or are they using the default Yahoo and Bing that comes with a PC?

Of what generation are they? If they are millennials ( …people who were raised in the digital age and know no other kind of communication) then it may be a good idea to reach them on Snapchat or Instagram. If they are 65+, then Bing Ads would probably be a good idea.

Organic VS paid

Marketing online doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. However, paying for ads is always the best way to go if you want a sustainable business model that you can scale and grow. It makes it a lot easier to see the ROI.

The Online Marketing Jungle And Where To Put Your Focus

Organic, which is free marketing such as blog posts, videos and other content, is more varying, but can still give you amazing results, especially if something goes viral.

Marketing has changed. We’ve become so used to flyers in the mail, commercials on TV, billboards, and even online advertisement banners. It’s come to a point where we have learned to block out subconsciously a lot of the noise and the different offers we see.

That’s why it’s become so popular now with content marketing online, where you don’t directly sell or promote anything, but you give out good quality content. It can be a funny photo, a quote, a video, an article, a blog post or a livestream.

You put this content out in your different channels. On your website, on your blog, through your email list and in social media.

Content marketing is a totally different ballgame than what companies are used to with direct marketing, flyers and brochures. With content marketing, you don’t come out as “salesy” or “pitchy”. Instead, you build trust, engage people, and most importantly, you get their attention.

You can sell something to your audience every now and then, and when you do, they’ll be warmed up and much more ready to buy.

This type of marketing doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, but you’ll have to spend the time creating the content, or you can outsource it to someone perhaps more creative than you. If you can mix paid advertisement together with content marketing, then you have a powerful strategy.

Choose your platforms

If you’ve done your homework and studied your niche and target audience, then you probably have a pretty good idea of where these potential customers or clients hang out online. Narrow it down to a few platforms. To figure out which of the platforms you should focus on, you’ll have to look at your budget.

Do you have money to run ads? Or will you focus on a more organic approach? Will you be able to stay consistent with the platforms you choose over time?

All of the big channels have huge audiences that you can tap into. To answer the question above, all of the top platforms will give you great results if you just stay with it and keep showing up. Test different approaches, see what works and what doesn’t, tweak things over time and keep moving.

The Online Marketing Jungle And Where To Put Your Focus

If you’re hiring a company to take care of your online marketing, then find a reliable partner that you can work with and grow with over time. Make sure they really know your brand, your target audience, your vision, your business goals and what you’re trying to accomplish. Invest in those you feel have an emotional investment in you.

And remember, ultimately, you are the captain of the ship, and online marketing is the future. Read up on the trends and know where to sail. That’s the best trick in the book – being knowledgeable.

I hope this gives you some ideas. It’s an exciting time. The internet is constantly evolving and opening up for so many possibilities and new ways of doing business. Have fun with it and create your presence. Good luck!

Now, I turn this over to you. Any questions or thoughts? Leave a comment and let’s discuss it right here. Make sure you share this post if you like it.

Now let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang

The Magic Of Consistency And The Compound Effect

It may not be sexy, but it sure is magical. Consistency and the compound effect can move mountains, amazingly! Whatever you set your mind to and focus on over time, you can achieve with this major progress hack. Let’s get into it…

One step at a time may seem insignificant in the moment, but over time it will be your key to build and grow anything! Stay at anything long enough and you’ll see something take form and create results.

It’s sometimes known as the compound effect. You’ve heard how if you save 5 dollars a day for 50 years, you’ll have … $91.250. And with interest … well, you get the point. Consistency works and pays off.

Small, smart choices, will lead you to long-term greatness. The changes are so subtle, but over time they will make a radical difference.

This concept works for everything in your life: health, fitness, finances, networking and with polishing your craft. It’s an exciting principle, (man I love this one), because you don’t have to be the smartest, the most talented, or the fastest person in the room. You can still win the game if you just stay consistent over time and never stop, like the turtle racing the rabbit.

“I’ve never really viewed myself as particularly talented. Where I excel is a ridiculous, sickening work ethic. You know, while the other guy is sleeping, I’m working. While the other guy is eating, I’m working.”

– Will Smith

The problem is people tend to jump from one thing to another all the time. Most people are not so consistent with most things. We get bored. Something else grabs our attention. We lose focus. We get impatient. We lose interest. We don’t see instant result. We keep chasing the new interesting idea or opportunity and so we never progress or succeed at anything.

But, by developing the discipline of being consistent and patient, you can out win the majority because most people will fall off. The trick is to not fall off! And that has to do with motivation and knowing your WHY.

I understand this concept now better than ever, and I’m working on understanding it more fully all the time. You always hear successful people talk about the importance of being persistent, patient and focused, but you don’t really understand it before you start to see the effects in your own life.

The power is phenomenal, and if you haven’t gotten this principle yet, WAKE UP NOW! I mean really, WAKE UP! If you got it, think of this as a friendly reminder.

Keep in mind that if you consistently make bad decisions, and have bad habits, the results will be negative. It will only work in your favor if you consistently take smart little steps. I would also recommend you find a proven roadmap to help you do that.

It’s not enough to consistently work hard. My basketball coach used to say: “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect!” It’s not enough to take steps. It’s more about taking the right steps, and to do that consistently over time.

I cannot stress enough how important this principle is for progress. This is really an important one, and I want it to hit home. Share your thoughts, experiences or questions. Let’s discuss it right here in the comments.

Have you ever used consistency and the compound effect in your life to achieve something phenomenal? Or are you more erratic, jumping from one thing to another (look I get it, I’ve been like that with a lot of different things, it’s totally human).

Share your thoughts in the comments.

Let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang

Keep Your Mind Fresh by Giving it Time to Breathe

I believe in moving fast and with urgency, but sometimes you just have to take some time off and give your brain a chance to rest. Your mind is your tool, your information headquarters, and your weapon; so don’t get it too clogged up!

When you’re focused and doing what you’re supposed to be doing, when you have passion, and you’re driven by a purpose, it may seem you can keep going and going forever. You can lose track of time and knock out a ton of work with no problem whatsoever.

I do this all the time and forget to eat! But don’t let yourself get caught up and too busy to just avoid thinking about your life. This is important. Sometimes you have to stop and analyze where you’re going and make sure that you’re on the right path. The famous phrase: Stop and smell the roses is very profound!

It feels good to slow down and just breathe. It’s the principle of refueling and one of the biggest secrets of productivity. You can get more done quicker if you allow yourself to step back and recharge. A good rest supports your performance and therefore your progress. You’ll be able to give your project your all. Work hard to sleep better, and sleep well to work harder.

Ultra successful people often practice meditation as part of their daily schedule as well as working on their health and fitness. It gives them time to relax, time to be grateful and time to sharpen their mind. A good workout will also help you get rid of stress and can even ignite that competitive fire within you.

You can also take a power walk in nature, do something completely different for a day, or just relax and enjoy a book. Recharging your batteries doesn’t have to be a two-week vacation. As a matter of fact, ultra successful people don’t usually take a lot of time off like that. Instead they use time off actively and strategically during the day as an action step towards success. They know the power and profound impact this can make on their progress, so they schedule it in. This gives them the stamina and energy to be on the field. They like winning, that’s what gets them excited.

There’s a famous cliché about how no one ever said on their deathbed: “I wish I spent more time at work!” It’s always more time with family, with travel, and with leisure pursuits of things that matter and make life more rewarding. We’re not rewarded by the amount of hours we put into our work. We’re rewarded by the results. So by taking time off and having a clear mind, we’ll be more open for new ideas and creative thoughts that can lead us to the promised land quicker. You don’t have to work hard, you just have to work smart. Wait, scratch that, you can do both!

Personally, I’ve become a lot more conscious of this lately. I’m going to implement meditation into my schedule. I’m making sure that I’m not overbooked and I’m working out five times a week. It just feels great after every single workout. I finish my routine off with some stretching and I just feel really energized when I’m done.

Now I’d love to hear from you…

Are there any special routines that you swear by? Are you good or bad at taking time off? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang