First post

It’s 2016. This blog is coming to you live… just in time for the New Year! I’m excited and I hope you’ll get excited as well after reading this first post of my new blog. First of all let me say Welcome, and thanks for visiting the site. Let me explain to you what this is and why I felt so compelled to put this blog together.

This blog is for the hustlers! (Yes, that’s you, … so keep reading) The go-getters, the doers, and the shakers! It’s for the open-minded and the curious who are always interested in growing, learning and evolving. It’s for the outliers, the dreamers, the innovators and creators, the “out-of-the-box” thinkers; it’s for all you positive individuals. I will share ideas, thoughts and concepts, and please feel free to share your ideas as well in the comments.

The idea for this kind of expression came to me in early December. It stuck in my head for a while and all these creative ideas just came to me the more I dug deeper. I was inspired, and when inspiration strikes like that, you really have to act on it, and fast. Follow your excitement right? So I started designing the blog, created my logo together with the team, and it was born.

But why create a blog? Well, first I want to challenge myself, I want to grow and learn, and this blog will be a great tool for my own personal growth. I also love writing and I really enjoy putting words, ideas and images together, especially in English. So I will write this blog, not in Norwegian, but in English, and that’s also to keep challenging myself in this area. Another reason why I wanted to create this blog was because I want to share. I want to inspire. I have a lot of good value to offer, cool insights and knowledge that perhaps can spark an idea for you, or inspire you in some type of way. I would love to be part of making that happen!

I’m committed to making this blog different and unique. It will be a crazy journey and I hope you’ll be along for the ride. I’ll keep this first introduction brief, but stay tuned for the next post, and make sure you sign up for the mailing list so you won’t be missing out.

I hope you’re ready to embark on 2016 with drive, passion and determination. And if you’re not, then I hope this blog can inspire you to push harder and move forward with excitement.

See you in a few days. Let’s move forward…

– Casper Stang