• Casper Stang is a Norwegian entrepreneur and creative force! He is very accustomed to wearing different hats and practicing many different disciplines.

    “I believe that you can be great at different things. You don’t have to just go after one profession such as a doctor or a lawyer. You can be and do more, but first of all be you! I just happen to have a passion for many different creative fields and I work really hard to master them all.”

    In the music industry, Casper has worked successfully as a producer, songwriter and audio engineer. He is the CEO and founder of NewCode Media AS, a creative web and design agency based in the dynamic city of Oslo, Norway.

    Casper is influential in helping and guiding companies with improvements to their brand identity, marketing strategies and visual design for both digital media and print. As a music producer he creates with the artist to develop their unique sound and vibe, which enhance the project. He is exceptionally effective at working with collaborative teams and many creative ideas, then spinning his magic and blending it all together into a final polished result.

    “Things can always be better. You can always push further and improve on anything. I thrive in the process of working with much varied creative input and opinions and then merging it all together to a fabulous final result … but always with “less is more” as the mantra. And at one magical point, when you’ve gone through the steps, you just feel with confidence that the piece is right and ready to be launched.”

  • What is #Progress?

    “#Progress is the catchy name and the hashtag for the blog. Progress is growth or development, and I created the blog to challenge my own personal growth and myself. It also serves to inspire and share ideas and strategies that can help you progress in many areas of your life and business. #Progress is about positivity. It’s about learning and being curious. It’s about moving forward and aiming higher.”

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